Project Gallery

New Steps & Risers

Garage Fix

Rotted Deck Fix

Bathroom Ceiling Mildew & Lampost Replacement

Baseboard Trim Install

Basement Wall

Basement wall for bathroom

Step Risers

Ceiling repair

New Deck Fascia

New Deck Stairs

French Doors

Cellar Bulkhead

Garage Door Flashing

Microwave Replacement

New Mailbox

Room Spruce

New Storm Door

Wall Damage Repaired

Hall Closet into Hall Locker

Deck Re-hab

Shiplap 3 Season Room

Carpet to Hardwood Stairs

Deck Re-hab

Custom Shed Doors

Office Door Install

Office Door Install (2)

Deck Re-hab

Deck Re-hab

Kitchen Gut-New Underlayment

Rake Replacement

New Garage Door

New Front Door Surround

New Garage Entry Door

Deck Expansion

Stair Replacement

Viny Siding Fix

Small Bath Upgrade


Light Fixture Replacement

Exterior Faucet Replacement

Garage Flashing Fix

New Patio Stairs

Shower Sheetrock Work

New Step Pad

Repaired Side Entry

New Slider

Deck Re-surface

Storm Door

Deck Rehab

Deck Complete

Hang TV


Build From Scratch or Kit install

Yard Toy Assembly

Rotted Walkway Bridge After

Pre-Finish Hardwood Floor install

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